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Learn how to be a comedian or comedy writer

Because Tina Fey had to learn somewhere too

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Online Comedy Classes? Yep!



You can learn Standup Comedy and Sketch Comedy Writing from the comfort or your own home.

Sure, Mrs. Maisel makes it look easy. But standup is an art form. And Sketch comedy writing? It’s harder than it seems.

But now you can take both of these online! Without the steep prices that accompany other online comedy classes.

That’s right. During our pre-sale, you can get these classes for $49 each! When are pre-sale ends on February 15th, the classes will be $149. 

That’s an entire class for $49.

But what do I get for $49 you might be asking?

You get amazing content, including exercises, sample material and sketches, and best of all, you can study it on your own time!

Standup Comedy includes topics such as:

o Writing standup

o How to get ideas for standup

o Developing your standup character

o And more!

All in six weeks. Pretty awesome, right?

Sketch Comedy includes topics such as:

o Writing sketch comedy

o Types of sketches

o How to get ideas for sketches

o And more!

These are great classes! Believe me, I learned from some of the best.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your inner comic.

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